The MineralRite Operations

We are a mineral processing and certification company with an objective of using our expertise and proprietary methods in mineral enhancement technologies to add extra value services to the mining industry for the benefit of our shareholders. Our primary mineral focus in the natural resource sector is gold.

MineralRite Recovery Group (MRG) is our operating group which utilizes,among other stated factors, its proprietary technology for the extraction of precious metals from ore bodies, reclaimed mine tailings and High Value Concentrate material. Our process isolates and recovers precious minerals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rare earth oxides. This is currently accomplished without the use of traditional mineral leaching agents like arsenic and cyanide – highly toxic substances that find their way into water supplies and pollute rivers and aquifers. Many gold mining and recovery groups rely on these hundred year old processes to separate gold from ores and waste rock with little regard for long term environmental damage. It is our intention to focus on environmentally conscious methods of recovery and refinement that leverage new technologies that vastly reduce the potential for environmental damage. We expect that the value of Gold will continue to increase over time and, additionally that our environmentally conscious refining and extracting processes will grant us access to reserves previously not minable due to local environmental restrictions. We also believe that our method of extraction will increase the collection potential of reserves regardless of spot price and economic recovery costs sufficiently to maintain our profitability and margins where other, traditional mining groups may be unprofitable.

MRG plans to enter into a Lease/Cooperation Agreement with its EPA approved facility in Nevada, enabling the company to complete its design plan for its Carbon Stripping Processing Line. The negotiated agreement consists of sufficient space and allocation of experienced personnel and management of the processing team already operating in this facility.